General Questions

Tracknow stands as an advanced Affiliate Software, providing diverse software solutions tailored to the specific business type and model of each client.

An affiliate program is a marketing arrangement where individuals or businesses (affiliates) promote products or services of another company in exchange for a commission. Affiliates earn a commission for each sale or referral generated through their unique affiliate links.

Tracknow's client base can be categorized into the following groups:

1. Affiliate/Partner Networks:

If you're looking to launch an Affiliate/Partner network in sectors such as E-commerce, Gaming, Crypto, Finance, and more, our platform offers comprehensive management solutions for your network.

2. E-commerce/Service Businesses:

E-commerce and service-based businesses aiming to enhance brand awareness and boost sales through affiliate collaborations can establish their own Affiliate program using Tracknow software.

3. Brokers:

Tracknow caters to brokers with a uniquely tailored IB (Introducing Broker) and CPA (Cost Per Action) Affiliate Software. This specialized software incorporates all the essential features brokers require for effective operations

Create a campaign, setup the commission structure, integrate the pixel, and that's it! you can start working with your affiliates.

Tracknow stands out with its advanced tracking capabilities, direct linking features, and automatic tier changes, making it an ideal solution for both small and large businesses.

Tracknow provides a variety of integration options, including Shopify and WooCommerce. For further information, you can explore additional details by following the link provided here.

No, it's not required! We are managing everything on our end. All you need to do is just register to our platform and start work with your affiliates to promote your products.

Choose one of our plans, register your website, and start uploading your campaigns. After a few simple steps, you can start work with your partners (affiliates). Click here for the complete guide.

Tracking Questions

Various types of campaigns can be defined: 

(CPA - Cost per Action) - payment for a specific action: sale, click, or form submission. 

(CPS - Cost per Sale) - payment based on the number of sales directly generated by the advertisement. 

(PPC - Pay Per Click) - Payment for each click on the advertisement. 

(CPM - Cost Per Mille) - Payment for every 1,000 banner impressions. 

(FTD - First Time Deposit) - CPA payment for the first deposit. 

(DEP - Deposits) - CPA payment for the first deposit.

 (REG - Registration) - CPA payment for Registrations.

 (CPI - Cost-Per-Install) - CPA payment for installation.

(Offline Coupon) - Payment for coupon usage, typically based on a coupon code.

Yes, all you need to do is set up the pixel on your Android/iOS app.

No, Tracknow does not impose any limitations on sales or clicks.

Yes! You can manually add transactions for your affiliates.

Yes! In the payout page, you can set up a PERSONAL PAYOUT, enter the desired coupon code, and select the affiliate.

Yes, there is an API available for both publishers and affiliates.