One Affiliate Software Solution for your Social Media Marketing

Launch your brand affiliate program and effortlessly track all marketing, affiliate, and influencer performance, including Instagram and TikTok, on one dashboard. Streamline the management of your affiliate influencers all in one place.

Join 1+ brands using Tracknow, To monitor sales and performance, enhance advertisement performance, expand brand loyalty, and expand their business.

Manage influencers & affiliates
Social & Tracking Performance with us

Elevate your marketing strategies with our Social Performance platform, tailored for influencer and affiliate program management. This easy-to-use platform features advanced tracking for key metrics like CPM, CPS, PPC, and CPA, enhancing sales and affiliate partnerships. Benefit from integrated reward systems and coupon tracking for effective affiliate management. Simplify and amplify your marketing efforts with our comprehensive tools designed for today's performance marketing needs.

Advanced Analytics
For Your Social Campaign

Track your partners sales in real time, starting from their initial engagement with clients. Our tracking extends across multiple platforms, browsers, and devices, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Improve transparency and encourage creator motivation by providing your affiliate collaborators with current, reliable data.

  • Reward affiliates based on their posting performance.
  • Track Influancer Story & Post Performance
  • Offline Coupon Tracking
  • Track sales generated from each individual post
  • Implement Hybrid Payments, rewarding both by sales and by post performance
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General Questions

What is social affiliate performance management tool?

The Tracknow social affiliate performance tool is a software solution designed to help businesses monitor social media activities within their affiliate programs. We offer affiliate software featuring tools for analyzing social media traffic and managing influencer social media performance.

Which social media platforms does Tracknow support?

Tracknow monitors and scans social media activities on TikTok and Instagram. These platforms are popular among businesses due to their wide user base and engagement opportunities, making our tool an ideal solution for affiliate programs and influencer collaborations.

What is social affiliate performance management tool?

We provide analytics features and offer the option to reward your affiliates for metrics such as sales, likes, shares, comments, and overall social media performance.

Is there a trial version available for Tracknow social media tool?

Yes, Tracknow offers a free trial version and a demo. For more detailed information and to access the trial version, contact our support team.

We build social dashboard with
Your Influancers

Use Tracknow for a clear analysis of your influencer marketing performance. Get real-time insights into campaign effectiveness, tracking reach, engagement, clicks, and sales conversions, plus metrics like CPM, CPE, CPV, and CPA. Tracknow provides thorough auditing and lets you develop personalized benchmarks by integrating campaign reports, which you can compare with broader market data for a comprehensive view of influencer and partner impact.