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Affiliate Software solution for the casino & iGaming sectors. Our platform revolutionizes partnership strategies with tracknow tracking software, advanced payments, and great support.

iGaming & Casino affiliate Software

Our Clients

Start partnering with us to leverage the affiliate management interface, designed to improve your engagement with iGaming affiliates.

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Discover why Tracknow is the best choice for advanced affiliate tracking software, perfectly suited for custom needs of the iGaming industry.

Easy to Use

Advanced partner iGaming management: A User-Friendly Platform for Affiliate, CPA qualification, Revshare positive/negative carryout for iGaming Sector.

Real-time Tracking

Our dashboard gives a clear view of affiliate metrics like player sign-ups, deposits, and activity, letting you easily track promotions and understand affiliate performance.

Design & Branded

We provide you with an option to add your brand logo and change theme colors, Provide you with free SSL setup for your domain, Customized your emails and dedicated SMTP.

Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

Boost your network with our MLM tool. Recruit new affiliates and earn from their sales.

Advanced and Tiered Commission Rules

Customize commissions with automated tiers and personalized commission structures tailored to game play volume and player acquisitions. Reward your top affiliates with competitive rates, ensuring a flexible and targeted strategy that meets the iGaming industry's unique requirements.


Improve your partners capabilities with our powerful API, facilitating easy access to player activity data. This streamlines the management of affiliate campaigns, ensuring precise and effective tracking of all promotional activities.

  • DB Integration
  • Revshare
  • Lifetime Payouts
  • Spread Share
  • Positive Carry
  • Negative Carry
  • CPA Qualification
  • GEO Tiers
  • Reward Automation
  • CPA Qualification
  • A/B Testing
  • Pip Share

Our Plans

Our platform offers affiliate program management and performance marketing solutions specifically crafted for the iGaming industry. It's built to serve the needs of affiliates, affiliate program operators, and marketing teams, providing them with flexible tools for managing their affiliates efficiently. These tools include customizable options for CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), as well as innovative payout models that account for both positive and negative carryover, ensuring fair and transparent compensation for all parties involved.

iGaming Premium

billed monthly

  • iGaming Server/DB Integration
  • 1 Brand Installations Included
  • Invoicing system
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Smart Links
  • A/B Testing
  • Affiliate Network Integration
  • Unlimited Affiliates
  • Platform Training
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Qualification CPA
  • Negative/Positive Carry Revshare
  • API
  • SSL Setup
  • Unlimited Creatives
  • Custom Domain
  • Dedicated SMTP
  • Categories Tracking
  • Custom Affiliate Commissions
  • Automation Tiers
  • Advanced Tracking
  • Multi Level Marketing (MLM)
  • Email and Chat Support
  • Phone Support
  • Setup Included
Premium Plus

  • For major agencies and networks in need of comprehensive monitoring and targeting capabilities, our platform offers complete flexibility in integration and dedicated support. It is perfectly suited for operators managing multiple iGaming brands, providing a customized solution that addresses a wide range of business requirements. This enhanced functionality ensures optimal performance across diverse brand portfolios in the iGaming sector, enabling operators to achieve their strategic objectives efficiently.

Compare the plans

Brand Installations 1 Tailored
Affiliates Unlimited Unlimited
Domains/Offers Unlimited Unlimited
Affiliates Unlimited Unlimited
DB/API Integration
Excel Reports
A/B Testing
Invoicing system
Custom Branding Scheme & Logo
Automation Tiers
Dark Mode
Deep URL
Short URL
Direct URL
QR Generator
Coupon Tracking
Custom Domain
SSL Setup
Dedicated SMTP
GEO Targeting
Commission Tiers
Categories Tracking
S2S Tracking
Lifetime Tracking
Advanced Tracking
Cart Items Tracking
Affiliate Management
PayPal Mass Payments
Wise Bulk Payments
Affiliate Imports
Private Campaigns
Private links
Private banners
Affiliate Permissions
Tracking requests per month 3 000 000/month Tailored
Trading Clients 20 000/month Tailored
Real-time Reports
Group Reports
Deep Affiliate Reports
Click list
Top campaigns
Top affiliates
Support & Migration
Email Support
Chat Support
Phone Support
Dev Support
Setup Included
Security & permissions
Roles and Permissions
GDPR compliance
DDOS Protection